Farewell Letter from England – by guest author Lee Shutler (Director of Studies at Hilderstone College)

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It has been almost 3 weeks since they left us – their smiles, their willingness and their enthusiasm, we miss everything that they gave us. They enriched the lives of the students, and teachers(!), that they met. We all have special memories of them: Keo’s baseball cap, Mitt’s elegance, Souvang being “one of the boys” and Noi’s willingness to please her teacher. Every memory will include a smile.
They worked too! They wanted to learn English and they wanted to get new ideas for their classrooms and they really wanted to try to speak English. We took pleasure in watching the confidence grow.
On the day they left, it rained. It was like our own sadness was mirrored in the weather.
As I watched the minibus disappear, I had one thought: I hope I see them again.
Text by Lee Shutler
Photos by S. Dickinson and L. Hoenes
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