Letters from Laos – “Hello, Germany” by Akina Yadsadahuk

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Hello, my name’s Mrs. Akina YADSADAHUK. I am twenty-six year old.

I was born in Watnak village, district Sisattanak but now I live in Xaysavang village, Xaythany district, Vientiane capital. I graduated from National University of Laos. I also have 2 diplomas. The first diploma is computer engineering and the second is English teacher. I studied very hard because I studied 2 subjects together. I started at 8:00 A.M and finished at 8:30 P.M. After I finished my study, the first year I was a volunteer teacher at the primary school for 1 year. I was very happy to teach children. And the subject that teaching was computer. The year after I started to work at Lao German Technical College. So I have worked here for 4 years and I have been there for teaching  3 years.

In my family , there are 8 people as: my parents, my aunt, my younger brother, my nephew, my hunsband, my son and me. My parents are teachers. So, my father does the same as me. He is a head of Automotive Section. My aunt is a housewife, he take care my baby at home. My younger brother is a student. My husband is an accountant at the southern bus station in Vientiane.

In my dream I want to go to Germany for visit my tandem teacher Sandra. I got so many didactics from her. She has so many activities and game.

I like this game very much which name is “What’s missing?”.It’s a memory game that the students can remember easily words (The rule for the game is: First of all teacher shows flash cards on the board. Teacher tells students close their eyes. Teacher takes out one or two things and asks them (what’s missing?) and then they answer. She helps me about the tests such as she chooses the questions for they can understand easily. When I teach the readings she can help me which she reads the first and they repeat after. Next they read by themself. And they have also to repeat after. Next they read by themself. And they have also to repeat many times. Afterwards she also teaches me how to make flash cards how to find the better pictures, worksheets and can laminate for use longtime.

If I have an occasion, I really want to go to Germain when It’s the christmas’s day because I want to see snow, people celebrate it and etc… And the second country, It’s England to speak the native speaker to improve English language.

Finally I want to know more skills for teaching. I think if I have an occasion I feel very happy and my teaching will be better than now.

Editor’s note: We will continue sending teacher-volunteers to the LGTC as long as there are such motivated teachers! We all wish you a productive and enjoyable time with Tasja and Anna (Team VI) now!

Text by A. Yadsadahuk

Photos & videos by A. Yadsadahuk, S. Uhlig & I. Martin

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