My first week at Hilderstone College – Letters from England by Mittaphone Sichampa

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1st week: My first week at Hilderstone College

I arrived to England On 25th,June 2017. When i arrived there, I really feel excited because I never been to Europe before. England It’s big, clean and beautiful country. Here some pictures in England and  pictures ours team. the  foreign man is our leader. He is very smart  man.

After that our leader drop us at homestay  one by one. I arrived to my homestay around 8:00 pm. Then my host family shows me the bed room, kitchen room and bath room. And this is my address picture where I live in the Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs and the homestay is 13 minute walk from the college.

On Monday morning 26th, June 2017 I went a long through Ramsgate Road to Hilderstone College. First day I started to study at 9:00­-12:30 in learning Centre room,  here some pictures about learning Centre room.

And about 13:45-16:00pm is Orientation tour. A trip around the local area, with a commentary on local history and place of interest. Then, we went home to take a shower and had dinner with host family.

After that, our leader lets us walked to along the coast. It’s nice and beautiful place. On Tuesday 27th, June 2017 at 9:00-16:00pm English class with classmate. Subject are Grammar with teacher Will and Pronunciation with Teacher Jon Carr. About my classmate they came from different country. Such as: some people from Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Russia and Switzerland. Then, at 20:00 -21:30 is Karaoke Evening in Main Hall. Run by a professional DJ with hundreds of song.

On Wednesday, 28th June 2017 at 9:00-16:00pm English class with classmate Subject are Grammar with teacher Will, Pronunciation with Teacher Jon Carr. Then, at 20:00 -21:30 is the Role of the Royal Family in Britain. Peter Lawson gave a talk in the  Small Hall. On Thurday, 29th June 2017 at 9:00-16:00pm English class with classmate. Subject are Grammar with teacher Triston and Pronunciation with teacher Jon Carr. Then, about 7:00pm I went to Learning English Centre. I listen about  Grammar are past tense and future tense. After finish I came back homestay take a shower, have dinner and go to bed around 10:30. On Friday 30th, June 2017 at 9:00-12:30 I study English with friends in the classroom. In the afternoon I went to learning English Centre with our team.

After finish school we went for a walk at the beach again. On Saturday, 1st July 2017 we went to Oxford to enjoy a guide tour of beautiful city, home, old building of one of the great universities. On Sunday morning relaxing. In the afternoon Noy’s Host Family invited us to have lunch at her house. She cook stricky rice, mushrooms soup and papaya salad for us  We very enjoy with Lao food.

Text & photos by M. Sichampa

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