Our first days and daily routine – Letters from England by Phovang “Noy” Inthavong and Donekeo Keositthivong

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1st week: My first days – by Phovang “Noy” Inthavong

The first I’m very lucky because my host family they are friendly and food is good. On Monday  I went to school we didn’t know any things but you help us every thing and we studied Multimedia  learning center In formation teacher explain about school and test before we had lunch you tell us about some teacher we can ask about trip next day teacher divide we two class me and brother Souvanh the same class  every day of morning we studied Grammar with teacher Suzanne and Jone but afternoon we studied together about pronunciation with teacher Jon Carr only Friday afternoon we had Trip to Dover castle but we were  sorry we didn’t go because bus it full teacher told us next time. When you gone back I went to school every day and some day evening I went school because I had learning center together, some evening saw a film and I can met students from many country we can talk about lesson or any things and Saturday we went to Excursion to Oxford beautiful city home of one of the great universities and museum in side museum has old dress, wood, shoes, jar broken many things bookshop and restaurant in side every nice after that we walk around saw old building many people visited Oxford city we bought cap the same but difference colour. Afterwards we will be free to explor until departure at 17:30.

Return to Broadstairs final I want to say thank you again John promiss we will try to do best

Text by P. Inthavong


1st week: My daily routine – by Donekeo Keositthivong

Everyday I wake up at 05:30 in the morning I get up about 15 minutes later then I get dress after I take a shower and have breakfast about 06:30 then I prepare the lesson before go to school.

My timetable: On Monday 26June2017 09:00-12:30 Morning classes 13:45-16:00 Orientation. A trip around the local area, with a commentary on local history and places of interest. Return by 16:00. 19:00-21:00 Learning Center open. On Tuesday 27 June 2017 09:00-12:30 Morning classes 13:45-16:00 Afternoon classes 20:00-21:30 Karaoke Evening the Main Hall. Run by a professional DJ with hundreds of songs to choose from. On Wednesday 28June 2017  09:00-12:30 Morning classes 13:45-16:00 Afternoon classes 20:00-21:30 The Role of the Royal family in Britain. Peter Lawson will give a talk in the Small Hall.Finished about 21:30. On Thursday 29 June 2017 09:00-12:30 Morning classes 13:45-16:00 Afternoon classes 19:00-21:00Learning Center open. On Friday 30 June 2017 09:00-12:30 Morning classes 13:30-18:00 Trip to Dover Castle. So sorry we didn’t go because the ticket was full for the next time we go. 19:30-21:30 Students Film and Pool Evening. On Saturday 01July 2017 08:00-20:30 Excursion to Oxford. On arrival enjoy a guide tour of this beautiful city, home of one great universities. We were happy with trip we known the old museum, old college, old city in Oxford and so enjoy.

Thanks very John.

Text & photos by D. Keositthivong

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