New places available for internships in spring 2020: Apply now for Team X!

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Students and graduates from all subjects from the University of Education Karlsruhe  can now apply for an internship in the project “Teaching English in Laos” for spring 2019 by 24 November 2019 (especially welcome: English, physics, maths, technics).

Interviews for all applicants will be held on 28 and/or 29 November 2019. The announcement and details can be found
– on the homepage of the PH Karlsruhe International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt),
– the StudIP course Akademisches Auslandsamt,
– the StudIP course of the Englisch Department (“Bulletin Board”),
– and on this blog under Internships.

How to apply
1. Address your full application to the International Office of the PH Karlsruhe (Akademisches Auslandsamt). Specify your proposed period of stay. Details on the general application procedure can be found on the AAA homepage and AAA StudIP course.
2. Send your letter of motivation and CV to the project leaders Prof. Dr. Isabel Martin ( and Johannes Zeck ( by email.
3. Interviews will be held on 28 and/or 29 November 2019. You will receive feedback on your application promptly, to allow time for applications to additional PROMOS funding (deadline 2 December). Note: Some of the places are fully funded, others are partly (or mostly) funded.

Possible periods of time: min. 2 months, max. until end of June 2020

  • Lao-German Technical College (“LGTC”, Vocational College): beginning/mid-February 2019 – April/May/June 2019.
    Accommodation in the Lao capital Vientiane, full equipped bungalow (local standard) directly next to the College facilities. Location in Google maps.
  • Vocational Education Development Institute (“VEDI”, a Vocational Teacher Training College): beginning/mid-February 2019 – April/May/June 2019.
    Accommodation in the Lao capital Vientiane, full equipped flat (local standard) close to the College. This is just a few minutes away from the LGTC. Location in Google maps.

Please note: The volunteers of both colleges work together as one team.

Although the Lao-German Technical College is a vocational college and the the VEDI is a teacher training (and vocational education research) college, the tasks are very similar to those in a secondary school.
As apprentices and students come to these institutions from the whole country of Laos, the English level is very heterogeneous and in general quite low (max. A2 according to CEFR).
You do not need a technical or mathematical background to be able to work there. In fact, most volunteers who worked there so far (16 in total) were students or graduates of the primary school degree.

Impressions of predecessors and the current teams can be found on the blog. Currently Team IX works in Laos. First reports on the VEDI by the first pioneer volunteer(s) will follow shortly.

For any further questions please contact Johannes Zeck. You may also visit the International Office (AAA) to speak to Ms Friedl or/and read some reports of students who did an internship at the college(s) before. You can also book a consultation slot in Prof. Martin’s office hour.
Diverse articles on previous work (and free time activities in Laos) can also be found on the project blog.

Prior ISP experience is an advantage, but is not required. If you are accepted as a volunteer for Team X, participation in Prof. Martin’s Global English(es) seminar (Monday 4-6 p.m.) would be advised for first orientation.

We look forward to your applications!

NB 1: “Wissenschaftliche Hausarbeiten” (ZuLA) and Bachelor/Master theses can be written within the project! Find previous theses/topics here.

NB 2: Further information on the creditability of this internship for your studies can be found under “Internships“. For detailed information please contact Dr. Steffen Wagner of the University of Education Karlsruhe.

Prof. Dr. I. Martin & J. Zeck

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