Reunion in Karlsruhe 23-25 June 2017 – My first trip to Germany by Phovang Inthavong

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One time in my life we are lelf at 9:30 pm Laos to Bangkok and then we came to Germamy . We airrved about at 6:00am. I evry tried beause long flew and I very excited about airport beause airport it’s very bigger than Laos. After we check in past the gate we saw to John [Johannes Zeck] is waited to us. When I saw he .
I felt happy then he bought some water for us next we went to car park and we went to Karlsurhe. We used the time for travalled a bout 2 and half hour ,we saw the road very clean and forest very nice. We airrved Karlsurhe we found where are shower. We are finished. We rided a van to found the restaurant and we had lunch together ,we order the pizza

Then we skrolled aroud in the city to saw buldings and many shops. We walked to small market and I saw many kind of vegetables and furits some kind of furits I never see . Then we bought sone furits and waters. After that we roamed to the part and saw the Castle to relaxed and waited to Pualine finished work . Then we walked to Univercity of Karlsurhe for meet old teachers, new and prof Martin . We very happy when met old teachers then we had small miting and talked about study in England and new volunteer will go to lao next year then we walked to saw the rooms and drank tea and coffee finished we saw library

We went to her flat teacher Martin was very big and nice then we went to restaurant for had dinner together old and new teacher. After finished I went to her house teacher Pualine me ,Mitt and teacher Kerstin ,we lived together tomorrow we walked to Univerycity again , today we had tour quided he explain about history , old buiding and museum then we had picnic at the Castle then we walked inside very interested and we saw movi about king we walked upstairs on the hall

We saw a view very nice

then in the evening we went to foerst to made barbecue together and drank I every happy then we back to Univercity them part I saw old students and new alot and they were enjoy drank and danced then I went back house to slept I very enjoy when I staied in Germamy I realky like and I should say thanks you very much every things for take care us very well thanks all teachers

Text by Phovang Inthavong

Photos by Phovang Inthavong & Donekeo Keositthivong

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