Studying at Hilderstone College – Letters from England by Souvanh Navong

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I study from Monday to Friday. In the first two weeks I studied about grammar past and past continues. Every day the teacher give me  about home work. I started to write short stories: In your holidays, which countries, writing about. What do you want to be in the future ? I write about want to be English Teacher because I like languages . in evening I went to learning centres. I will try listing and writing. I think is very hard for me .

Sometimes I don’t understand. On Friday last week. I had test in the classroom. The first test listing, writing and grammar.

After class .I was playing football and volleyball with my friends. When we have free time after sports. We’re go back home. Every week we had sports and dancing together at school. We had music and karaoke.

On Saturday I went to visit Canterbury with my friends .especially my can’t speak English but we can go together for one day. I think is very hard to understand. My friend said they want to study England a lost. I met my friend about two weeks my want to go with me every day

Because before when I met the first time they don’t know how to speak English but we go together for one day.

Now I have many friends when I studying at Hilderstone colleges so many people talking about the lao people the first time came to study at this school than many students know about me and older people living in this village. In the morning when I was walking to school they said to me good morning
Some time is was raining they took me go to school. I felt very happy to be here. Thanks for every one reading. From. Souvanh.

Text & photos by S. Navong

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