Studying at Hilderstone College – Letters from England by Phovang Inthavong

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My name is Noy . Now I’m studying at Hilderstone College in Broadstair.

I came with my three friends .

We are staying with host families. We are already here for six weeks and have two weeks more. As before,we return to Germany and then back home.

I came here beause I want to improve my English. Before I came here I was worried about . My pronunication beause pronunciation is diffculf for me. The first in 26th June I went to school I was very excited it was my first time in my life in England. After I am very lucky beause I have the good teachers and they are very friendly , they teach very well and explain things very clearly to some days I study all day and some days I study half a day. Monday to Friday in the morning, I’m study Grammer, writing by teacher Tristan and next I’m study pronunciation and talking with teacher Jonny.

Afternoon I study in an other classroom with a teacher called Jenny. She is teaches us about Methods for primery and secondary schools.

In my school we have  activity and traval for students, two time a week. In the evenings I listen about history and sone days dance and sing songs. Each day is different. Every day I have lunch at the school, the foods verygood I readlly like this school. Alhought the school is very far from my country but I like it here. Teachers work here ,they work very well together, so I promise I will do better. In my class  now I have seven students. We are from different counties.

Finally I’m lucky beause I have a good teacher and school,the first time I have English teacher  teach me. Every things is perfect for me. The learning center and school is very clean, people here are quite friendly. I really like this school and I go to school every days. I have many friends from other countries. After when I go home I will miss my teachers, the school and friends,  so I should says thank you very much Angels for Children and profesor Martin for giving us this and coming to see us for a week


Text by P. Inthavong
Photos by P. Inthavong & I. Martin
(and two unnamed photographers who took the group photos)

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