Our weekend trip to Cambridge – Letters from England by Donekeo Keositthivong

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On Saturday 29th July 2017 I went to Cambridge City by school’s bus with my friends in the college they came from another countries in the bus has about 30 students we went together. We started to drive a bus 08:00 am in the morning about 2 and half hour quit long time for me to go there.

We arrived 11:15 am, because we stopped at the coffee’s shop for 10 minutes. The first thing I saw in that place was King’s University it is so big, beautiful place , large ground and it is the old history. I would like to go in side the University,but On the weekend they didn’t open and I couldn’t see any thing in the University. I saw many the visitor  70% they came from Korea and China.The same festival in Lao,because in Cambridge City has more tourist to visited. I walked around the city with my friends for 1 hour and I saw David, Anika and Silja (editor’s note: the German teachers of Team III who had come to England to see their tandem-partners/teacher-friends) about 12:30 then we traveled together.We looked around the city the small market, the shop,the centre and had lunch together by English food was delicious after that we set on the park near the river until. 05:00 we went to the bus station and said good bye with them.They were going to London and come back to German on Sunday morning.I am happy everytime to travel everywhere in England or German and know new knowledge.

Thanks to read my atticle

Text & photos by D. Keositthivong

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