Our weekend trip to Brighton – Letters from England by Phovang Inthavong

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On 15th July . We went to Brighton , one famus of England ,the first we roam to saw some things  each old building and we walked the Brighton Museum and ArtGerllery .

We walked inside ,it has many things , has bookshop  coffee for who wanted to drink, some thing  every old each maked attraction tourits want to see beause some things about lession each history and has suff to explain long times ago,the people living and using inthe past

Then we walked to park to relax and had luched ,we saw many school and tourists came to visited the same ,we skolled to the North Laine and the Lanes . We saw they sold many things each unusual shops, hang clothes,souvernir on the street and pavement,people are very crowd onthe street, after we roamed to the beach and Brighton PalacePier

a traditional seaside with funfair , we saw tourists played game machines, here is very nice view of the Brighton.the Brighton Palace Pier is open all day. Admission free. We saw toys for childern,young some things tast and tall. They are played very enjoy. Some toys I never saw befoer.

I very like it beause have experien about communicate with students from other country beause I want to improv my langauge

Text & photos by P. Inthavong

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