Studying & an outing to Walmer Castle and Sandwich – Letters from England by Donekeo Keositthivong and Phovang Inthavong

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Our third week

On Monday 10 July 2017 In the morning I studied . In the afternoon I played sport at Perter garden.In the evening   I went to learning Centre. On Tuesday 11 July 2017 I studied all day .In the evening I went to live Music Evening  for one a half hours . On Wednesday 12July 2017  I studied all day , but in the evening I went to listened to The Role of the  [Royal] Family in Britain at Small Hall. On Thursday 13 July 2017 I studied. In the evening I stayed at homestay to did my homework( I didn’t go to play sport ).20:00 -21:00 I went to Learning Centre. On Friday 14 July 2017 In the morning I studied. In the afternoon I went to Walmer Castle and Sandwich.In the evening I did my homework. On Saturday 15 July 2017 08:00-20:00 I went to Brighton. On Sunday I relaxed at homestay.

Text & photos by D. Keositthivong


An outing to Walmer Castle and Sandwich (14 July 2017)

One day in the school. I went to at 8:40 . My school began study at 9:00 a m . Then we were studied a bout Grammar and pronumciation . Next times we had lunched and a my school had trip to Walmer Castle and Sandwich , originally built by King Henry VII in the shap of a rose, Walmer is the fomer home of the Dukeof Wellington. We went to Walmer Castle . Then we drove to Walmer the Castle . After we skolled inside and saw a shop . We walked to upstairs . We saw oldrooms , old table and old pictures on the wall every things it was nice.

Then we walked to a deck and we saw the beach and flowers a garden it was very beautiful. We skolled on the garden and took photors . We saw many tourists visit the Walmer Castle.After that we went to medieval town of Sandwich . We walked inside to look somethings and listened to man explain about somethings . Next time we skolled to look built ,shop and reataurant. Then we walked to the River and saw the boats . After that we return to Broadstair . I went to backk hostfamily . I took a shower and had dinner  Then I did my homewrok and I slept in the bed. It was very nice day for me

Text & photos by P. Inthavong

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