Our trip to London – Letters from England by Phovang “Noy” Inthavong and Donekeo Keositthivong

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2nd week: Our trip to London

My last weekend I went to London. I went with friends and two teachers. We went to London by bus and we arrived at 10:30. The teacher explained about some of famous, buildings. We saw Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column. It was very tall had many people visiting it. We went to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We saw many tourist. We walked on Westminster and saw a small park. We saw many birds, we gave them some food. After that we hiked to the London eye. It was very big and tall. We thought about going on it but we had not time because there was many people waiting to buy tickets. Then we strolled to saw people showing many things and we saw the man who wore old clothes. He has gun and looked like a soldier and we saw a women.  She wore a gold coloured dress. We took pictures with her. Last we walked to the bookshop. After that we went to another bridge, we hiked to a park to relax. Then we came back to Broadstairs and we saw the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. The city of London was very nice.

Text & Photos by P. Inthavong


On Saturday 08:00 AM I went to London City with my friends we were happy, enjoyed for our trip we saw Big Ben, many building, park, restaurants, singer, London eye, bridges, different people around the world  and many things. So this trip taught me know new thing in my life I am going to remember my experience forever, if I go back I would teach my students about my knowledge form here. Then we went back 20:00PM.

Today is Sunday I have just visit Noy’s homestay and have lunch with Souvan, Mit and did my homework. Now I am starting to sleep. Have a nice evening, bye.

Text & Photos by D. Keositthivong

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