Seminar “Global English(es), Global Citizenship Education & Global TEFL” at the University of Education Karlsruhe (summer term 2021)

1 Introduction, requirements, syllabus, digital organisation (13.4.2021), Prof. Martin

2 Database Research Workshop (MLA, JSTOR) with Dr. Stello (BLB) (20.4.2021), Prof. Martin

3 Teaching and working interculturally & internationally (AAA & Laos returnees) (27.4.2021), Prof. Dr. Martin with Julia Friedl and Celine Seeger

4 Lecture “‘Walk a mile in their shoes’: English as a ‘distant’ language” (4.5.2021), Prof. Martin

5 “Global English(es)” (11.5.2021), Laura Marcinski; 5 “Global Citizenship Education” (11.5.2021), Ralph Vogt & Niklas Hoffmann

6 “Global mobility programmes for students” (18.5.2021), Manuel Hettel; 6 “Culture shock and reentry shock” (18.5.2021), Irina Vasilenko

7 Guest lecture “Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals” (18.5.2021), Hon.Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann

8 “IDLE (Informal digital learning of English)” (25.5.2021), Sally Bieger; 7 “Global Justice” (25.5.2021), Saskia Schmidt

9 “Moral relativism vs. universal values” (8.6.2021), Pascal Reger; 8 “The Postmethod Method” (8.6.2021), Maike Eißler

10 “Cultural differences in learning and teaching” (15.6.2021), Briana Wedge; 9 Guest lecture “Cultural barriers to learning English in ‘International’ English course books for Adult Lao Learners” (15.6.2021), Rebecca Dengler, M.A.

11 “Decolonise your mind, your language, and your teaching” (22.6.2021), Isabella Russo & Salvatore Riccardo Pellegrino

12″ Multiculturalism/bilingualism in teaching English” (29.6.2021), Carolin Callahan; 12 “L1 interference in language learning” (29.6.2021), Sezen Sinan Mollavelli

13 “Women and education” (13.7.2021), Anna Riegel; 13 “Green travel & ‘Carbon Footprint'” (13.7.2021), Jasmin Fuchs & Debora Neudeck

14 Feedback, course evaluation; Outlook on participation in research; possible participation in Laos project (20.7.2021), Prof. Martin

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