Editor's note: As we completed a year-long Covid-rollercoaster ride in Germany last month and just entered our third lockdown, this
Editor's note: As from 6 a.m. Lao time today, a lockdown was ordered on the capital of Vientiane by the
Hello! Everyone. My name is Sitsanou Phouthavong, and I hope to fly out of Laos on 28 April so that
A Day In My Life At Control and Prevention place provided by Lao government during Covid-19 I was so happy
One year after the start of "The Crack" Today - Thursday, 25 March 2021 - at 8:05 a.m., after one
Editor's note: On 25-28 March 2019, the first conference in Germany about "Educating the Global Citizen: International Perspectives on Foreign
Editor's note: Mr Siegfried Hadatsch, who recently completed his Bachelor's Degree in English and history at the University of Education
I have the great pleasure to announce a new research page on this blog, which features the full-text Bachelor theses
Dear Readers, After the project reports and academic articles of this year, here comes my second personal post on this
Editor's note: This is the sequel (and prequel) to Rebecca Dengler's article about "Intercultural barriers in "international" English course books",
It is getting colder. We even got the first snow here in the Black Forest in Germany. Days are getting
Alessandro Pola (https://www.instagram.com/alessandropolaofficial/?hl=de), a former student of English and music at the University of Education Karlsruhe (KUE) and former teaching
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