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Workshop on 26 November 2018 – “Communication in the classroom: How to make pupils talk”
Sabaidee! We are Natalie, Malin, and Meike and – in case you missed our previous Team VII post – one of our
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“Language education and global citizenship” (1) – Reentry shock: an explanation of an underrated phenomenon (L. Malchow)
Editor’s note: “Reentry shock: an explanation of an underrated phenomenon” by Lara Malchow (Team V) is the first research article  in
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Lookahead to 2019 – German students represent the Lao PDR at National Model United Nations in New York
2018 – a cornerstone year for volunteer Shirin Ud-Din (Team VI) 2018 was an exciting year for me with lots
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New series: “Language education and global citizenship” (edited by I. Martin)
Editor’s note: Starting in January 2019, the new series “Language education and global citizenship” on this blog will feature the
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A day in the life of… a PH Karlsruhe volunteer
6:30 a.m. The alarm in Natalie’s and my – Anja’s – room goes off for the first time… one quick
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The Lao flag ceremony
After having worked here for more than two months now, it was high time to find out what actually happens
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