"What were your expectations, hopes, and fears when you heard that five German volunteer English teachers will come to your
At some stage during the Teach-the-Teacher classes, Sandro came up with a great idea: he asked his students Souvanh and
On 15 December 2015 the new cooperation between Angels for Children and the University of Education was formalized: the Chairman
Besides teaching, our five English education graduates from the University of Education Karlsruhe have some additional tasks to fulfil. First
Merry Christmas to all our friends, families and supporters all over the world. In the name of Angels for Children
Today it was back and forth again and we successfully renewed our VISA. Every 30 days we have to cross
Unfortunately, Julia, Sandro, Ann-Kathrin, and Steffi had to head back to Germany this week - their time was up. Before
During my last week in Laos I got the great opportunity to try out Square Dance with the pupils of
We almost cannot believe how time flew by so fast. Last week, it was already time for four of us
Yesterday, on the 16th of December, we (the German volunteers) reaped the fruits of weeks' of hard work. Since the
No need to explain why we´re doing this! Smiling faces in the schools in Ban Sikeud and Ban Phang Heng
In Laos, our VISAs expire every 30 days. Therefore, we soon needed to take a trip to the Thai/Lao border.
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