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Visiting our Lao friends in England – 28-29 July 2017

The three of us are on our way to England to see the four of you!
Friday, 28th of July
Our intention to go to London had only one object: To see if our Lao student-teachers feel well in Broadstairs Read more
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Friends from Germany visiting – Letters from England by Souvanh Navong

On Friday is special day David, Anika and Silja come to visit me at Hilderstone colleges 28th of July than we was walking around the Broadstairs and talk about at school we are going to learn English I think not … Read more

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My host family in England – Letters from England by Donekeo Keositthivong

I lived in Mrs Keen’house since 25thJune until 18th August 2017








Karenkeen is a housekeeping manager at the University of Kent and she lives with her husband Andy,who is a painter and decorator. … Read more

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Reunion in Karlsruhe 23-25 June 2017 – My first trip to Germany by Phovang Inthavong

One time in my life we are lelf at 9:30 pm Laos to Bangkok and then we came to Germamy . We airrved about at 6:00am. I evry tried beause long flew and I very excited about airport beause airport … Read more

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Studying at Hilderstone College – Letters from England by Souvanh Navong

I study from Monday to Friday. In the first two weeks I studied about grammar past and past continues. Every day the teacher give me  about home work. I started to write short stories: In your holidays, which countries, writing … Read more

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Studying at Hilderstone College – Letters from England by Phovang Inthavong

My name is Noy . Now I’m studying at Hilderstone College in Broadstair.

I came with my three friends .

We are staying with host families. We are already here for six weeks and have two weeks more. As before,we … Read more

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