We are happy to announce the new page "SKU lecturers" on our “TheLaosExperience” blog, where the lecturers of Savannakhet University
On 10 July 2020, we had the wonderful opportunity to follow the invitation of Dr. Martin to come together for
During the forced (Corona-induced) hiatus of half a year, the project partners have gained more experience in handling this new
Editor's note: This is the 9th article in our series “Language education and global citizenship“. Ms Celine Victoria Seeger participated
List of chapters The beginning of my adventure Invitation to the Crowne Plaza Hotel Meeting new Lao friends (who study
Travelling in 2019 - by Thaithanawanh Keokaisone Hello People Internet Users! I am Thaithanawanh Keokaisone, I am from Lao D.P.R.
Friendship without Boundaries The 62-year relationship and friendship between Laos and Germany are worthwhile long relationship since 31 January 1958
A tree is known by its fruit (ພາສາບອກຊາດ ມາລະຍາດບອກຕະກູນ) Lao people have used this motto since ancient until now. Which
A fresh start (Isabel Martin) In 2017, we started a pilot-project with the Sunshine School in Vientiane with two volunteers
Team XI - Preparation in times of the Coronavirus Today we are happy to finally introduce ourselves to you. We
Square Dance Calling classes 2019 and 2020 at the University of Education Karlsruhe with Erasmus+ students Editor's note: "Learning Through
Two researchers of the Karlsruhe University of Education (KUE) in the field of "STEM" (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) came

Project videos

Ban Sikeud primary school

The first school supported by the foundation since 2003

Ban Phang Heng lower secondary school

Lower secondary school, supported by Angels for Children since 2011

Ban Phang Heng primary school

Second primary school supported by the foundation since 2013

Lao-German Technical College

Joint vocational training with BHS Corrugated since 2015

Savannakhet University

University cooperation between Savannakhet and Karlsruhe since 2018

Vocational Education Development Institute

Cooperation between the VEDI and  the University of Education Karlsruhe since 2019

Sunshine school

Cooperation between the Sunshine school and  the University of Education Karlsruhe since 2020


Academic literature on Laos
– Education
– Vocational training
– Miscellaneous


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